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Time Past 66

Winter 2020

The Baybridge Canal (continued)
Emigration to Australia
Looking forward post-pandemic


Times Past 65

Summer 2020

The Museum during Covid-19
The end of the Baybridge Canal
Sullington Church

Times Past 64

Spring 2020

20 Years of the Museum
Knepp and the Baybridge Canal
Our Lady of England, Storrington


Times Past 63

Winter 2019

Kenyatta visit
Victorian Ladies
Growing up in Storrington
Lady Place

knepp 4.jpg

Times Past 62

Summer 2019

Countess Clericetti
Battle of Britain


Times Past 61

Spring 2019

Bygone Mills, 
A Victorian Lady's Finances,
Mulberry House

Times Past 60

Winter 2018

Votes for women,
more WW2 evacuation,

Roll of Honour


Times Past 59

Autumn 2018

Father Basil Jellicoe, 
How not to store legal documents, 
Storrington in wartime, 
Edwin Harris


Times Past 58

Spring 2018

A272 Project,
Australian connections,


Times Past 57

Winter 2017/18

Storrington graves,
José Weiss,
Washington's Saxon borders

Times Past 56

Summer/Autumn 2017

Thakeham evacuation,
John Hurst's heirs

thakeham church.jpg

Times Past 55

Spring/Summer 2017

Church Meadow,
Thakeham Rector,
Anglo-Saxon Washington,
Fern Road


Times Past 54

Autumn/Winter 2016

Poem for Storrington,
Revd John Hurst,
John Galsworthy,
Gena Grenney,
Earlier museum proposal


Times Past 53

Summer 2016

Shoreham Fort,
Peggy Sutton,
Roger Colebrook,
John Crowhurst memoir

Times Past 52

Spring 2016

Eric Hues,
First School

storrington square.png

Times Past 51

Autumn/Winter 2015

History weekend,
John Crowhurst,
'Lady in the Van'

Miss Worsdell and her bicycle - ps.jpg

Times Past 50

Summer 2015

Museum collection,
Amberley landowners,
Crusader's tomb


Older issues

Issue 1, June 1999, Friends of Museum launched

Issue 2, September 1999, Premises purchase decision

Issue 3, January 2000, Museum opening at Old School announced

Issue 4, April 2000, Museum Opening, Jomo Kenyatta

Issue 5, July 2000, Sullington Shepherds, J.W. Bramham

Issue 6, November 2000, Battle of Britain, A.F. Bell

Issue 7, February 2001, Fryern Park, Three graves

Issue 8, May 2001, Francis Thompson, ‘Daisy’

Issue 9, August 2001, Family History, Volunteer in WW2

Issue 10, December 2001, Challen’s Garage, Storrington Rectories

Issue 11, April 2002, Florence Greenfield, Windmills, Fire Service

Issue 12, August 2002, Watermills, The Meynells, Roman Invasion

Issue 13, December 2002, Charles Frewer, Meynells, Monastery Lane, Henry Bishop, William Penn, Book of Remembrance

Issue 14, Spring 2003, Stopham Bridge, Lost Canal, Museum Collection, Reginald Wells

Issue 15, Summer 2003, Windmills, Home Guard

Issue 16, Winter 2003/4, Crusader’s Tomb, Regina vs Storrington

Issue 17, Spring 2004, Local Churches, Perretts Farmhouse

Issue 18, Summer 2004, Amberley Castle, William Frankland, Walter Potter

Issue 19, Winter 2004/5, Kitty O’Shea, Maud Petre, William Penn, Frank Knight

Issue 20, Spring 2005, Little Boltons, Storrington Transport

Issue 21, Summer 2005, Thakeham Workhouse, Evans family, Roundabout

Issue 22, Winter 2005/6, Storrington’s coinage, Arthur Mee’s Sussex, Elections

Issue 23, Spring 2006, Amberley Church, Storrington Church, Miss Yeats, Jack Upperton

Issue 24, Autumn 2006, The Cokelers of Loxwood, Amberley Village

Issue 25, Winter 2006/7, Victorian Harvest Home, Christ’s Hospital School, Maud Petre, The Normans

Issue 26, Spring 2007, The Wilberforces, Archaeology in Storrington

Issue 27, Summer 2007, Sussex Iron, Worthing in 1884

Issue 28, Winter 2007/8, Queen Elizabeth 1, William Albery

Issue 29, Spring 2008, Sussex Born and Bred, The Kilhams of Bury, George Charman

Issue 30, Summer 2008, Horsham Hanging Fair, Local Artists, Romans at Wiggonholt

Issue 31, Winter 2008/9, The Red Lion at Ashington, Hanging in Sussex,

Issue 32, Spring 2009, Gas Lights in Storrington, Graffiti at Parham

Issue 33, Summer 2009, Tudor May Revels, Arnold Bax

Issue 34, Winter 2009/10, History Outings, The Pond School, Miss Yeats

Issue 35, Spring 2010, A New Decade, Story so Far, Edward Elgar

Issue 36 Summer 2010, Museum Reopening, Washington Boundaries, Hugh McDiarmid

Issue 37, Winter 2010, Festive mood, Medicines, Hugh de Selincourt

Issue 38, Spring 2011, Church recording, Archaeological survey, Meg Everitt

Issue 39, Summer 2011, A.F. Bell, The Weald of Sussex, Acquisitions

Issue 40, Winter 2011/12, Christmas reflections, WW2 Evacuation, Family History Day

Issue 41, Spring 2012, The Sanctuary, WW2 Evacuation, Murder at Pigland Farm

Issue 42, Winter 2012, Exhibitions, Technology, Heath Common, Family History day

Issue 43, Spring 2013, Roll of Honour, Old School Project, Butterflies and moths

Issue 44, Summer 2013, Quirky Collections, Museum life, Rock Road walk

Issue 45, Winter 2013, Old School Project, Revd Joseph Dixon, Railway proposal, Gena Grenney

Issue 46, Spring 2014, Church recording, Eric Gill, Family trees, Roll of Honour

Issue 47, Summer 2014, Flower shows, Wartime Storrington, Storrington bypass plan, Heath Common walk, Family trees, Dress show

Issue 48, Winter 2014, Roll of Honour unveiling, Art Show, 1940s Storrington, Roman Britain

Issue 49, Spring 2015, William Frankland, Sullington Manor Farm, Ordnance Survey, Pattenmakers, Amberley landowners


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